Equip Your Parking Operation with Next-Gen Technology

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Mobile and online payments

Our user-friendly interfaces allow customers to pay for their parking with just a few clicks, directly from their smartphones or via any web browser. This hassle-free payment solution enhances customer satisfaction by offering the ultimate convenience, while also speeding up transaction times to increase lot turnover and revenue.

Integrations with gates

AirGarage’s technology seamlessly integrates with existing gate systems to provide a smooth, automated entry and exit experience. This integration facilitates efficient traffic flow and maximizes the utilization of parking spaces. By automating gate operations, we minimize the need for manual intervention, which reduces labor costs and increases operational reliability.

Automated enforcement with ALPR

AirGarage enhances parking enforcement efficiency with Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology. This feature automates the detection and verification of license plates, ensuring only authorized vehicles access your parking areas. It streamlines enforcement processes, reducing the chances of human error and increasing compliance.
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I love working with AirGarage. It makes my life significantly easier by allowing me to see everything that happens in the garage and providing me with quick and accurate data. Due to the technology that AirGarage uses, I can trust this data fully and don't have to worry about any issues.

Randall C.