Fast, Flexible, and Secure Payment Solutions

Advanced solutions for hassle-free revenue management. Checkout our list of cities we operate in. Don't see yours? Reach out to get started.
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Mobile and web-based payment collection

Our platform allows users to effortlessly pay for parking via any smart device or online, offering a seamless, contact-free experience from start to finish. Whether reserving a spot ahead of time or paying on the spot, AirGarage ensures that every transaction is just a few taps away, providing flexibility and enhancing user satisfaction.

Secure payments,
every time

We understand that security is paramount. Our payment system employs advanced encryption and compliance measures to protect both operator and customer data against fraud. Users can park and pay with confidence, knowing their financial information is safeguarded by the latest in security technology.

No hardware upkeep or maintenance

AirGarage operates completely without the need for physical payment hardware, reducing costs and eliminating the hassle of maintenance and repairs. Our digital-first approach means that all updates are handled remotely and seamlessly, ensuring that your system is always running the latest software without any downtime or physical intervention.
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I love working with AirGarage. It makes my life significantly easier by allowing me to see everything that happens in the garage and providing me with quick and accurate data. Due to the technology that AirGarage uses, I can trust this data fully and don't have to worry about any issues.

Randall C.