Parking Operations for the 21st Century

AirGarage modernizes parking assets with one streamlined service covering enforcement, payment collection, maintenance and more.

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AirGarage is a full service parking operator. We handle all of the day-to-day logistics that go into making your parking lot or garage the most successful version of itself.

We operate hundreds of parking lots and garages across the United States and Canada on behalf of landlords, property managers, and other real estate operators. Our focus is using technology to lower operational overhead and increase your net parking income.

We're already maximizing returns for top-tier real estate owners:

Increase Your Net Revenue

Our proprietary technology enables us to offer lower operating costs to our partners meaning they take home up to 50% more every month than when they worked with our competition.

Our value proposition

We've built the operating system for parking management, infusing technology into every facet of the business.

Best-in-class Economics

Increase Net Operating Income at your property by up to 50% vs other parking operators.

You're in Control

Need to reserve spaces for customers or validate employee vehicles? Our system was built with multi-use cases in mind.

Always On Enforcement

AirGarage's proprietary network of enforcement officers scans day and night so you don't have to stress about violators.

Increase Parking Revenue

Other parking operators nickel and dime owners by passing through every cost of their operation from uniforms to phone bills. AirGarage operates on a revenue share model so that we only make money if you do.

Multifaceted Enforcement

The combined power of AirGarage's network of enforcement officers and our Automatic License Plate Recognition cameras means no illegally parked vehicle will slip through the cracks unnoticed.

Transparent and Data Driven

We share all of our data with you in real time, so you’re always aware what’s happening on your property.

Reporting & Analytics

Forecast occupancy and maximize your revenue with transparent data.

Historical trends

View your property's performance over time and track its progress.

Real-time updates

Your dashboard updates with each parking rental as it happens. No more waiting for end of month reports.

Backed by Top Investors

AirGarage has raised funding from top-tier venture capital firms to bring high quality technology to parking operations.