Cities Where We Operate

AirGarage operates nationwide in cities across the country.

Nationwide Operations

AirGarage operates in 40 states and provides services like enforcement, cleaning, snow removal, and maintenance.

Technology Native

We’ve eliminated traditional markup and overhead expenses for our real estate partners through our in house technology.

One Unified System

Most parking operators patch together technology from different vendors. We build a cohesive system in-house that gives you a superior experience.

A team dedicated to your success.

AirGarage was founded in 2017 when Chelsea, Scott, and Jonathon stumbled upon the inefficiencies in the parking industry while searching for cheaper university parking. When our first partners told us of their problems, we learned just how outdated the entire industry was. We knew we could build a system how it should be today and built a technology-enabled system paired with world-class operational excellence.