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Westin Hotel Earns $1,000,000 in Parking Revenue by Partnering with AirGarage

Located less than a mile from SFO International Airport, the Westin is one of the most convenient hotels for business travelers visiting San Francisco. With over 800 parking spaces, the Westin is also a popular off-airport parking location. With a parking lot of this size airport parking is a significant source of income for the hotel, so when they felt that their previous parking management company was not hitting revenue targets they decided to part ways and see if AirGarage could help them achieve their financial goals while improving the guest experience.

The Challenge

For years, the Westin at SFO Hotel has offered off-airport parking as a means of generating additional revenue. However, the hotel's prime location often led to demand for off-airport parking exceeding the number of available spaces. The Westin's parking management company had no ability to effectively manage demand or track occupancy, so the parking lot was often over 100% capacity, leaving hotel guests without parking options.

To make matters worse, despite the frequent overselling of parking spaces, parking revenue stagnated and remained flat for several years. The hotel's parking management company relied on third party websites to handle all of the pricing decisions. Attempting to manage several third party parking websites as well as an on-site parking manager proved difficult for hotel staff, and the disjointed system made it almost impossible for them to track revenue or accurately forecast parking demand. The fragmented parking operations also required constant manual input to override pricing decisions made by the parking management company, or to update capacity limits across half a dozen parking websites to prevent overselling. 

The Westin Hotel needed a new parking management solution. One that could simplify their parking operations, increase revenue, and prioritize hotel guests. AirGarage’s full service parking management solution was the perfect fit.

AirGarage seamlessly integrates with partners such as Spot Hero, Parkwhiz, Airport Parking Reservations, and more and makes it easy to manage all of them from one centralized dashboard.

The Solution

AirGarage’s hotel parking management system is designed to maximize revenue while allowing hotel staff to oversee all of their parking operations in one place.

AirGarage makes it easy to increase parking revenue through seamless integrations with top advertising partners such as SpotHero, Airport Parking Reservations, Parkwhiz, Cheap Airport Parking & more. AirGarage also leverages dynamic pricing to ensure the ideal rates are advertised, and smart inventory allocation to prioritize high-performing advertising partners.

In addition to increasing revenue, AirGarage's Partner Dashboard has allowed Westin staff to regain full control over their parking lot by providing detailed reporting of all advertising partner channels, demand forecasting, and the ability to instantly adjust capacity limits with just a few clicks.

AirGarage allows your staff to save time by automating the off-airport parking check in process, so your team is free to focus on hotel guests.

The Results

Since transitioning from their legacy parking operator to AirGarage, the Westin has eliminated overselling issues and have been able to take back control over their parking lot. They have also increased revenue significantly thanks to AirGarage features like dynamic pricing and smart inventory allocation, which increase revenue-per-space, so they can maximize parking income without sacrificing parking availability for hotel guests.

Furthermore, AirGarage features like Enhanced Enforcement with License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology and a fully automated guest check-in process have enabled hotel staff to focus more on guests instead of spending countless hours manually checking in airport parkers and verifying vehicle compliance by walking the property to check license plates and hang-tags.

Overall, AirGarage's full-service parking management has been a perfect fit for the Westin at SFO. Revenue is up, the guest experience has improved, and hotel staff has more visibility and control over their parking lot than ever before.

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