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Read This Before Buying a Parking Machine

You probably want an automated way to collect payments for your parking lot or garage. Our team at AirGarage has helped thousands of parking lot owners monetize their parking, and here's what we've learned.

1. Parking machines will break.

From credit card jams to sun damage or intentional destruction, parking machines will need to be replaced or serviced often. Plus, most machines require contracts with vendors to replenish ticket supplies, adding even more logistical overhead. Add that to costs to electrify the area, and you are looking at an expensive project.

2. Everyone already has a smartphone

Why not use that instead? At AirGarage, we allow you to collect mobile payments easily.

A garage owner in Florida reported 253 calls one month from people experiencing issues with the parking lot's credit card machine, requiring an expensive contract to have someone available for dispatch 24/7. They recently retired their parking machines in favor of a mobile-only payment system since everyone already carries a smartphone in their pocket.

3. What are the alternatives?

AirGarage allows payments over web, app, text message, and more. With no hardware to maintain, setup is free and there is no install cost.

What does AirGarage do?

AirGarage is a complete parking management solution. We do enforcement, payment collection, lot monitoring. visitor validation, and everything else required to sell and manage parking.

AirGarage is a new parking operator that uses license plate recognition to automatically bill customers and keep track of guests and visitors. Unlike traditional parking operators, there is no install cost since the solution is 100% software based. Several of our clients formerly used parking machines and switched after costs were unjustifiable.

What are the other benefits of AirGarage?

As opposed to a parking pay station, AirGarage is easily programmable, allowing you to change prices anytime and set special prices for events. You can also set the number of spaces available at any given time and offer discount codes and free parking.

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