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AirGarage Holds Company Offsite in Los Angeles

Last week, AirGarage held an offsite in Los Angeles with our team of 40 people. As a default remote company, we value the ability to recruit and work with team members from all over the world. However, we also value in-person connections, which create shared trust through working side-by-side and having new experiences together.

During offsites, we spend the day working in a large house that effectively becomes AirGarage's "HQ" for that week. We use this time to plan, have high-bandwidth face-to-face meetings, and align as a team in a way that we can't do perfectly remotely.

The trust we build during our three offsites per year makes us more effective coworkers when we are remote and provides the flexibility of remote work the other ~49 weeks of the year.

This week was filled with activities that promote team building and bonding, while also providing opportunities to explore the beautiful city of Los Angeles.

We toured our AirGarage locations in Beverly Hills and Westwood. Our team got an up close view of our LPR cameras, signage, and enforcement technology. 

One of the highlights of the week was our State of AirGarage all-hands meeting, where we discussed the past, present, and future of the company. Every team member shared one thing they were the most proud of having accomplished in the previous quarter. 

Given the beautiful Los Angeles weather this time of year, we had many outdoor activities planned throughout our week. Pickleball has become a staple at our offsites. Fun fact: the West Hollywood pickleball courts are located on top of a parking garage. Learn how we are on a mission to transform single-use spaces into multi-use hubs.

During our “Weekend Wednesday” some of the group paid a visit to the Getty Museum. The museum houses an extensive collection of art and stunning architecture. Others enjoyed a beach day near the Santa Monica pier.

As the week wrapped up, we finished with Lightning Talks. Team members gave a five-minute presentation on any topic of their choosing. This was a great way for everyone to learn from each other and discover new interests and ideas.

Overall, the offsite in Los Angeles was a huge success. It was an opportunity for the team to come together, collaborate, and build relationships in a way that is difficult to achieve when working remotely. The activities provided a perfect balance of work and play, allowing everyone to learn, grow, and have fun together while still being productive.

Interested in joining the next offsite? AirGarage is hiring for multiple roles. Check out job openings at

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