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Introducing AirGarage's Latest Feature: The Driver Insight Page

AirGarage is excited to announce a new addition to our Intelligence Dashboard: Driver Insights!

Driver Insights was designed to provide parking facility owners and partners with valuable data about who their customers are and how those customers use their facility.

As a vertically integrated, all-in-one parking management and software solution, AirGarage is able to provide a level of granular data that cannot be reproduced by other parking operators, who rely on third party platforms and disjointed hardware and software products.

AirGarage focuses heavily on using this data while working with property owners to increase revenue, optimize operations and offer a deeper understanding of driver preferences. We also leverage these insights to continuously improve our products and make drivers happy.

Empowering Owners with Data-Driven Insights:

1. Sentiment Analysis: Understanding Driver Satisfaction

  • The Driver Insights page includes a sophisticated sentiment analysis tool. This feature ensures we are consistently surfacing representative feedback from drivers.
  • By analyzing feedback and reviews, parking owners and partners can better understand what drivers appreciate about their facility and their experience, and what areas have room for improvement.

2. Peak Rental Times: Maximizing Efficiency and Profit

  • One of the greatest improvements is the display of more granular data on peak rental times across the day of the week, time of day and time of year.
  • Owners and partners can now see when their property is most in demand, enabling them to understand seasonality and forecast daily, weekly and monthly revenue from historical trends.

3. Driver Usage Patterns: Catering to Diverse Needs

  • The new Driver Insights page also helps you better understand who your customers are by segmenting drivers into three categories: one-time, return and frequent users.
  • This segmentation allows property owners and partners to understand the different types of drivers using their property, which informs the strategies AirGarage uses to cater to each group effectively. For instance, a property with a high number of frequent users may benefit from consistent pricing and driver loyalty programs, while locations primarily visited by one-time users likely have more flexibility to experiment with higher rates.

The Impact of Driver Insight Page on the Parking Industry

AirGarage's Driver Insights page provides parking facility owners and partners with a level of transparency that has never been available to them before, helping them to understand their asset on a deeper level.

Historically, the parking industry has lagged behind others in leveraging modern technology and using data as a foundation to make better informed decisions. Gone are the days of receiving your property’s monthly financial statement in the mail.

As the parking industry continues to evolve, platforms, like AirGarage, that provide real-time data and tools like Driver Insights will become essential for asset owners and partners looking to stay competitive.

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