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Ace Parking vs AirGarage for Parking Management

While Ace Parking has been in the business of managing parking lots, garages, and surface parking for many years, many of their customers have become frustrated with their long contracts and lack of technology. 

If you own a parking lot and want to monetize it, it can feel like there is an endless number of factors for you to consider when choosing a parking lot management partner.

-- How many parking spaces do you have available?

-- Are your parking spaces available 24/7 or do you need to reserve spaces for your employees and guests?

-- What types of drivers will be looking to park in your lot?

-- What is your budget for getting online?

Often times large parking operators won’t even consider working with you if your parking lot is smaller than a certain size or if you aren’t interested in gouging drivers by charging an arm and a leg for parking.

As the owner of the parking lot, you know your situation better than anyone else and will be able to identify the perfect solution for your location. 

That is why AirGarage is building the software tools to enable small businesses and parking garages to  retake control of their parking lots instead of hiring an expensive parking management company like Ace Parking

What makes AirGarage different from a traditional parking operator like Ace Parking?

While partnering with a company for parking management and revenue access control like Ace Parking that has been around for 50+ years may sound enticing at first, it can actually be a trap that quickly becomes hard to escape.

Parking lot owners, small businesses, and churches are often shocked to hear that they will be tied into multi-year contracts that afford them little to no control over their own parking property while the parking management companies like Ace Parking cash in.

Parking operators like Ace Parking also tend to charge high fees for management, installation of gate arms and hardware, as well as having physical lot attendants on site. All of this can become onerous for a parking lot that does not generate that much revenue on a yearly basis.

For example, one parking garage in Phoenix was generating $110,000 in gross income. Of that, $78,000, or more than 70%, was going toward paying Ace Parking for yearly management of a parking lot and garage that was largely automated and still required daily work from the office staff at the property.

On top of the lengthy contract and high fees, churches and businesses are often surprised when parking management companies such as Ace Parking start to limit the times and days when the business owners' customers can parking in their own parking lot.

As an alternative to old school parking industry tactics like those used by Ace Parking, AirGarage is building software tools for businesses, churches, and parking lot owners that enable them to take control and manage their own parking lots more efficiently and effectively.

There's no reason a small business or parking garage owner should spend 90% of their time thinking about its parking lot instead of its customers, especially when they are paying a company like Ace Parking to manage their parking garage.

With AirGarage, parking lot owners always earn their fair share of the parking lot revenue generated. AirGarage operates purely on a simple, transparent 70 / 30 revenue share in favor of the parking lot owner. 

There are no additional costs for parking machines or payment processing and no surprise or hidden parking management fees.

Additionally, parking lot owners that partner with AirGarage to sell parking in their lots are never tied into a long term contract and can cancel at any time if they aren't satisfied with the service.

Why would you continue to pay a parking management company like Ace Parking to manage your parking lot if they're doing a poor job?

If you own a parking lot and want to monetize your parking lot for the first time or are looking for a new parking operator to save you from old school tactics used by companies like Ace Parking, please let us know!

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