PayByPhone vs AirGarage for Parking Management

Both PayByPhone and AirGarage offer mobile parking payments, but what should you choose? It depends on if you are looking for payments only, or a full management solution.

Payments (winner: tie)

Both AirGarage and PayByPhone offer a mobile payment app. Both providers let users pay via web, phone, text message, or app. So what's the difference?

AirGarage provides management and enforcement services in addition to payment collection.

Enforcement (winner: AirGarage)

AirGarage provides enforcement and license plate scanning tools that you can use as a lot owner. In addition, they offer an enforcement service called Space Force where they patrol your lot 3-5 times a day to catch violators.

PayByPhone also integrates with parking enforcement operators. This will often mean sending a towing operator to patrol your lot, which can be expensive depending on the violator rate.

Management (winner: AirGarage)

AirGarage offers tools that let you block off your lot for events, register visitors for free and discounted parking, and dynamically change the pricing of your parking.

PayByPhone also enables dynamic price adjustments, but has a less robust system for validating guests and visitors.


AirGarage offers a full management and enforcement solution, whereas PayByPhone is just a payment processor. Our team at AirGarage works with dozens of churches, businesses, parking lots, and garage operators, and would love to learn more about your parking needs. Get in touch today!

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