How AirGarage is Leading the Multiuse Parking Lot Movement

Did you know that parking lots make up approximately 37% of the average American city? Some estimates claim that there exist 8 parking spots for every car in America!

Yet, parking remains a scarce resource in dense cities, as few lot owners choose to sell to the public, and instead opt for parking control via large fences and chains. As a result, cities have mandated minimum parking requirements for real estate developers, resulting in even more parking spaces.

It's understandable that few lot owners choose to buy expensive and faulty parking gates and payment systems, so AirGarage created parking management software to help business owners and churches sell parking on-demand, without affecting current customers or members who park for free.

While AirGarage continues to "unlock" the underutilized supply of parking spaces across the country, it's begun to venture outside of their traditional and intended uses.

AirGarage hopes to even more efficiently utilize this space, and has already executed on cloud groceries and drive-in movies during the COVID-19 Pandemic. After being met with such positive reception, the ambitious startup plans to venture even further into multi-use spaces such as cloud kitchens, delivery hubs, community gardens, and outdoor space for distanced socializing and entertainment.

In early April 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, AirGarage saw an opportunity to help San Francisco residents safely pick up groceries. The team threw together a cloud grocery operation in just over a week, and donated all proceeds to charity. Around the same time, AirGarage sought to combat loneliness by offering a safe way to socialize at drive-in movies in Berkeley, CA.

With industries like cloud kitchens and last-mile logistics experiencing such rapid growth, AirGarage sees an opportunity to serve as critical infrastructure for these companies' business models, and effectively improve the customer experience with faster food and package deliveries. And in turn, the benefit of large corporations is shared with small business owners and churches who own the lots!

AirGarage envisions a future in which parking lots are a highly valued asset, with the potential for a wide variety of businesses and community hubs to be built on top of – from community gardens to pop-up shops. Along the way, AirGarage will be relying on similarly visionary lot owners to experiment on new concepts with, all while ensuring they receive the best return on their parking lot while serving their community.

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