15 Reasons Your Business Needs to Offer Paid Parking

There’s a quiet revolution underway in parking lots in America.

Business owners from coast to coast and border to border are discovering a new way to generate cash.

Offering paid parking as a public service is often an unknown yet surprisingly easy way to earn extra income for your business. The first (and sometimes only) roadblock is first owning a lot or a building with a parking lot.

If you qualify and live in a relatively trafficked part of town, the rest is painless.

Still not convinced?

Here are 15 reasons Why You Need to Offer Paid Parking for Your Business:

1. As a public service

According to INRIX Research, Americans overpay for parking by more than $20 billion a year. That's $97 per driver. Offering parking as a solution to the everyday driver can help alleviate this headache and serve the general good of the public.

2. Decongest street parking

It goes without saying that offering parking to the general public will go a long way in alleviating traffic congestion in your area. By allowing people to park off the street you will free up additional space for other drivers and make some money while doing it.

3. Generate passive income

Need we say more? Every business could use additional income to offset expenses or to put into a rainy day fund. Either way, the additional revenue that comes from paid parking can be significant.

4. Opportunity to automate an analog industry

Many parking operators lag behind in technology. While other transportation sub-sectors like ridesharing and rentals have benefited from new technology and startup disruption, parking is late to the game. But there are few parking systems that offer mobile pay, license plate scanning, and other features that make it quick and easy for both drivers and owners.

5. Make parking fun/easy for drivers

Offering a paid parking system that is completely mobile-based and straightforward takes the drudgery out of finding a parking spot for drivers. Attract more patrons by making parking a no-brainer.

6. Partner with gig economy workers

AirGarage offers a parking system to business owners that allows them to take control of the entire process including lot management, collecting payments, and enforcement. AirGarage allows you to partner with gig economy workers such as Uber, Lyft, or food delivery drivers such as DoorDash to enforce your lot automatically.

7. Start a 24-hour service

If you already offer a paid parking solution, consider using an app like AirGarage to extend your offering to round-the-clock service. Make money while you sleep by outsourcing your parking management and putting it on autopilot. Best of all, you don't have to pay a parking attendant overnight.

8. Offer overnight parking for homeless

Some businesses aim to have a community-centered approach while still offering paid parking. With AirGarage, you can designate certain parts of your lot as reserved for a program such as homeless outreach while still charging everyone else for parking. Our parking software is smart enough to know whom to charge and enforce.

9. Free marketing for your business

Attract new patrons to your business. People will come to your business to park and perhaps be curious about what you offer and drop-in. AirGarage signs act as a marketing tool as well.

10. It’s free to set up

It's amazing what parking operators charge to set up paid parking! Fees add up from expensive parking payment systems to parking gates that constantly break and need to be repaired. Save thousands in installation costs by working with AirGarage: it's free to set up.

11. No equipment maintenance required

As mentioned above, there are high maintenance costs for regular parking systems and operators. This can eat away at your profit. Broken parking gate arms, paper tickets, pay stations that malfunction, and not to mention paying a parking attendant and making sure they don't get poached! Save time by removing these costs altogether with AirGarage.

12. You can serve patrons, the general public, and staff at the same time

Offer both free and paid parking at the same time. If you have a restaurant you can still offer free parking to your customers with mobile validation while efficiently monetizing any unused spaces to the general public.

13. The city will appreciate you providing parking

Most local governments receive complaints from the general public about congested parking (and rightfully so!). If your business is near a busy junction or area, opening your lot and setting up a parking system helps your city government better manage traffic and public parking.

14. You can start small and expand

If you decide to use AirGarage it's free, easy to open, and you can start selling parking on a small scare first. You can always designate the spots you want for the public if you're afraid of not having enough space for your staff or other needs. You can also limit the days and hours these spots are available.

15. No more long, ironclad contracts

Lastly, you don't have to be locked in when you sign up. We have no long-term contracts, so you have plenty of room to experiment with what works for you.

Not all parking companies or solutions offer all these benefits, but AirGarage does. Sign up today to speak with an AirGarage rep.

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